Automotive Graphene Coating

It’s only natural to want to protect your vehicle’s paintwork at all costs, especially if your car is your pride and joy. When you start exploring the many different options, you might find mention of a product called graphene coating. What is it? And how does it differ from traditional ceramic coating installation? Learn more about graphene coating below so that you can make an informed decision with confidence.

What is Graphene coating?

It seems impossible to be able to top a product that protects your car from so much, but there is a new player to the game, and it’s called graphene coating. This product takes the foundation of ceramic coating and makes it stronger, more durable, and easier to apply. It can also make your paintwork less prone to water spotting than traditional ceramic coatings.

You might assume that graphite is simply added to ceramic coating products and given the name ‘graphene coating,’ but it’s more complex than that. Graphite, or carbon, is processed into a honeycomb lattice pattern to form almost transparent sheets. It’s much lighter and more flexible than steel, yet it can be up to 200 times stronger

Benefits of choosing Graphene coating

Experts like Masterpiece Auto Appearance can walk you through the many pros and cons of car protection products to help you make an informed choice, but there’s no harm in reading about the benefits of graphene coatings here.


Compared to many other coating products, graphene coatings are more flexible, which makes them potentially less likely to crack or chip compared to other products.

Reduced Water Spotting

Water spots can detract from the beauty of your car, but that’s unlikely to be a problem if you invest in graphene coatings. These products are less prone to water spotting compared to ceramic coatings.

Easier Application Process

When you book a coating installation service through an expert installer, you don’t have to worry about how complicated or straightforward it is to apply a coating to your car. However, most installers find it easier to apply graphene coatings than traditional ceramic ones.

High Gloss

Do you want to stand out on the road? Graphene coatings can help. This coating product can add a great deal of natural-looking shine to your vehicle, which means it can look like you just spent hours cutting and polishing the paintwork, even when you haven’t.


Ceramic coatings can protect your car’s paintwork for many years, and you’ll be impressed with ceramic coating durability. However, many installers say that graphene coating products can last upwards of five years and even up to a decade.

Graphene vs Ceramic coating?

If you have been weighing up your car protection options, you might find it challenging to choose between ceramic or graphene coatings. Both can be ideal for your vehicle and are similar, but they are not the same product.

Both graphene and ceramic coatings will protect against UV rays, dirt, contaminants, water, and minor abrasions, but the nanotechnology in graphene coatings makes this product much more robust.

It remains one of the thinnest coating products for your paintwork, but it’s undoubtedly one of the strongest. As a result, you might expect it to withstand more wear and tear and potentially last longer than ceramic coating products without graphite.

Repainting a car can take several days and cost several thousand dollars. Remove the need for both.