Detail Maintenance Wash

●      A delicate foam bath and hand wash to avoid swirls

●      Cleaning of the wheel, wheel wells, and tires

●      Engine bay wipe down

●      Application of high quality carnauba wax for continued protection

●      Interior vacuumed and a wiped down

●      Glass cleaned and treated

●      Tires and exterior dressed and protected

●      30 min - 1 hour to completion

$50 (+10 for SUVs and Trucks)

Basic Detail Package

●      A Full vehicle inspection for client’s knowledge of their vehicles needs

●      A delicate foam bath and hand wash to avoid swirls and remove old wax and sealants

●      Cleaning of the wheel, wheel wells, and tires

●      Door jam cleaning

●      Exterior paint clay barred for the removal of hidden contaminants

●      Cleaning of the carpet, seats, floor mats, and headliner (each shampooed if necessary)

●      Cleaning and conditioning of the dash and all interior components

●      Exterior paint sealed by a high quality sealant

●      Glass cleaned and sealed by high quality sealant

●      Engine bay detailing $30 additional fee

●      Headlight restoration $30 additional fee

●      SUVs and Trucks $20 fee

●      3 to 5 hours to completion

$200 (+30 for large SUVs and Trucks)



Masterpiece Detail package

●      *Everything included in the Basic Detail package*

●      Conditioning of leather seats

●      Protection and water repellant applied to the seats, carpets and floor mats

●      2 step paint correction of exterior paint (75% to 85% correction)

●      Polishing and sealing of all exterior metals

●      Polished windows (machine used if necessary)

●      Engine bay detailed and dressed

●      Restoration and sealing of headlights

●      SUVs and Trucks $40 fee

6 to 8 hours to completion

$320 (+50 for  large SUVs and Trucks)