Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

by Masterpiece Auto
June 4, 2022
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The average vehicle owner has so many upgrades, additions, and services at their disposal. You can drive your car right out of the lot as it is, or you can make changes that enhance its appearance, comfort, and even longevity.

And that’s where paint protection film (PPF) comes in. Out of all possible upgrades to consider when purchasing a new car, paint protection film could be at the top of the list, but is it worth it? You’re about to find out.

What Is Paint Protection Film? 

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a transparent paint film and self-healing thermoplastic urethane film that you can apply to all manner of painted surfaces. It’s a common product in the automotive industry because it can protect vehicle paintwork from stone chips, scuffs, bug splatter, and general abrasions.

Some manufacturers apply this film straight out of the factory, while others offer it as an optional extra during the manufacturing process. However, in most situations, new vehicle owners are left to make the decision themselves once they have purchased the car. 

At this stage, people interested in paint protection film can visit a business like Masterpiece Auto Appearance and request for the film to be applied to the entire vehicle or high-impact areas, such as the hood, fenders, bumper, and rear guards.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It? 

Making any addition or upgrade to your car requires consideration. After all, you don’t want to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t add value to your vehicle or life in some way.

Therefore, it’s only natural to question whether paint protection film is worth it. After considering the following benefits, you might just believe that it is. 

Retain Your Vehicle’s Value

According to The AA, the average new car will lose about 40% of its new price within three years. Some can lose several thousands of dollars as soon as you drive them off the lot.

While there’s no way to stop your car from depreciating, you might be able to hold onto some of its value for longer by investing in PPF. When the paintwork remains unaffected by the elements, your vehicle can look in much better condition than one that didn’t have a clear bra installed to prevent wear and tear.

Enhance Its Paintwork

The paint technology we have at our fingertips today is absolutely incredible. We now have smart paint, self-cleaning paint, auto interior paint, and solar paint, just to name a few.

However, very few of our automotive paint options are a match for the elements. UV rays, dust, dirt, debris, and even bugs can cause paint to fade, scratch, chip, and peel over time. 

However, applying PPF protects the original paintwork from these issues for an extended period and even enhances the paint to add unbelievable shine and gloss that makes your car stand out from the crowd. 

Ideal for Leased and Company Vehicles

When you or your family are the only people driving your car, there are generally few concerns about high levels of wear and tear. However, that can all change with leased and company vehicles.

Over a leased or company-owned vehicle’s lifetime, there can be multiple drivers, leading to increased wear and tear that affects the resale value in the years to come. While many companies take advantage of products to protect the interior, such as spray-on coatings and car seat covers, they rarely look at options for exterior protection.

By applying a paint protection film, a vehicle can look in excellent condition regardless of whether it has one driver or several over its life. 


Even though PPF costs more than doing nothing at all, you might be surprised at how much money this product can save you over your years of ownership. Rather than needing a range of services like cutting, polishing, and repaints that can cost thousands of dollars, you can enjoy a one-off film application that makes these services largely redundant. 

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It? Yes!

After learning about how it can enhance your paintwork, retain your vehicle’s worth, and be a cost-effective solution for you and your customers, it’s clear to see that PPF certainly holds value in the automotive industry.

If you’re ready to experience these benefits for yourself, there’s only one thing left to do. Book an appointment with Masterpiece Auto Appearance today!